Selecting the right Henna designs may sound easy for some people. But in reality, it can be a quite tedious task.  It takes time considering different types of designs depending upon what type of occasion or event you are attending or preparing
When choosing a tattoo design, one should not pick a random design out of the blue. Having a tattoo is a lifetime commitment and a decision that you would have to bear for the rest of your life. You need to know which design really fits you and your personality. This is also same with choosing a right Henna design. You have to carefully weigh things so as to arrive at the best decision.

Here there are some tips while choosing the right Henna designs:


Henna is a form of body art, which are worn during special occasion in Hindu tradition. This type of body art is different from a typical tattoo. It is more temporary than the typical tattoo and this distinction might help you to decide whether you would really be having this body art or not.


If you already know about the purpose of having that body art, then you can set your mind what design you want. You have to check on other websites which features different Henna styles. There are different types of Henna styles like Gujrati, Rajasthani, Marwari, African and Muslim Arabic Designs. Whichever design you choose, you have to consider something which is comfortable to wear for a quite longer period of time.

Henna for hands:

While choosing Henna designs for hands, one must consider the fact that it can be disturbing for designs that are too large. Henna experts comments when choosing a Henna design for hand – it doesn’t have to be too large.

Things to be taken into considerations to look into when having a Henna design on hands. Henna is a form of similar body arts require chemical which might have different effects to different individuals. These things can help you to make this experience a rewarding one.

You have to remember that right after having a Henna is to allow ample time to let the design dry up. Experts recommend around 3-4 hour of rest without doing anything manual in order not to ruin the design.

Additional care has to be taken like applying synthetic or natural substance on the surface of the skin  and it helps to enhance its color or avoid allergic reaction.

Henna Styles:

  • Gujarati – This design is known for its extravagant and elaborate designs. It is widely used in weddings and special occasion because of its elegant texture and rich color.
  • Rajasthani – This design is as old as the Rajasthani culture itself. Like other patterns or designs -Rajasthani is known for its royal feel. This design includes patterns featuring flowers, different types of leaves and its distinguishing mirror effect.
  • Marwari –This style reflects with great emphasis the culture of India in its design. It features intricate design, which highlight important aspects of the culture through its design elements as well as its patterns.
  • Arabic – This Muslim Arabic Designs features some interesting patterns. They are unique in design like introduction of spiral pattern making use of floral feel to the design.

The most popular Henna designs – Muslim Arabic Designs like florals and small designs.