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Arabic, Indian, Pakistani or Moroccan Henna Design

In Love With It

a passion for me

The art of henna has been a passion for me since I was very young. I started doodling with a henna cone when I was only ten years old. For me, it was quite natural, and as a little girl growing up in India, I had the best of practical experience

From weddings to festivals, parties, and casual applications, I saw and learned the use of henna first-hand at multiple times. Growing up, I explored more and built on what I have been exposed to hone my skills. My art gained people’s attention, and I got invited by people to create designs for them for events. With time, I thought about the need to advance the whole experience from just a hobby into a part-time business. Believe me, I never really thought this would end up being a profession, but as it is, I am absolutely in love with it.
I am fully committed to rolling out custom and creative designs for all uses, with a particular focus on brides and weddings. In line with my mission to Visualize, Create, and Innovate, I am confident of transforming stories as possible into well-drawn bridal henna.


What I Do

I am very talented and passionate with the vision to create unique henna designs for your wedding or party.


What you want

I know that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and what you have been dreaming of for many years