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Bridal Henna services

Bridal henna both temporary and an everlasting memory.

All of my henna is freshly made in advance of your booking, with only organic ingredients to offer you the most natural, deep staining and comforting henna experience. Every bride is unique, every dress is different and so is every one of my mehndi designs. I have set about working out some packages for you to choose from, they can of course be varied to suit your needs. Please understand that a lot more skill, time, thought and intricacy goes into bridal mehndi designs

Henna home service

Nishi Mehta will come to you, wherever you are.

With Henna by Nishi, location is never a problem. All sessions are personally handled by Nishi, so you can rest assured of the best delivery possible, both in the creation of the designs and the important aftercare processes. We are very much committed to making your special day amazing, by making you the center of attraction with our beautiful and unique designs.

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Party Henna Services

A henna(mehndi) tattoo party is the perfect solution.

In India, the henna painting ceremony is called a Henna party or mehndi party, and it is a joyful occasion. Henna parties also happen throughout the eastern Mediterranean, in Morocco, in the Gulf states, and in many expatriate communities. Looking for an interesting way to keep guests entertained at your next gathering? A henna(mehndi) tattoo party is the perfect solution. It lets guests display artfully created designs on their skin that wear away naturally in a couple of weeks. In many Muslim and Hindu weddings, it is tradition to have henna parties before the big day of marriage and arrange for henna home service. But getting henna tattoos can be for any occasion.

Jagua Henna Services

“Jagua” The freehand art 100% natural and safe

Jagua henna, also known as black henna, is a natural dye that has gained popularity as a temporary tattooing alternative. It is derived from the fruit of the Genipa Americana tree, which is native to tropical regions of South and Central America. This dye is known for its ability to create a natural-looking black or blue-black stain on the skin, and it has become a popular choice for people looking to experiment with body art without the permanency of a traditional tattoo.

Maternity Henna Services

Bless bellies with it!

Being beautiful and becoming more beautiful is always one of the most important concerns of women. Many women think that bulging bumps, blemishes and pimples and other complications of pregnancy make them less attractive and therefore try to boost their self-confidence by doing things like getting tattoos and henna. Some also use henna tattoos and motifs to have a long lasting memory of their sweet pregnancy. Using henna to decorate your belly during pregnancy is a very good way to make the maternity situation memorable.

White Henna Services

White Henna Service in UAE

Using white henna, I create intricate body art. The freehand art ranges from traditional celebratory designs with white henna. White henna is not actually henna,its just a body paint which is safe and used for body art by professionals. It will remain on surface of the skin instead of staining.

Temporary Tattoo Services

Temporary Tattoo Services

A temporary tattoo is a design or image that is applied to the skin with ink, usually using water or adhesive backing. It is not permanent and can be easily removed with soap and water or a specialized removal solution. Temporary tattoos can be a fun and low-commitment way to experiment with body art or accessorize for a special event.