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White Henna Services in Dubai

Elegant and Unique Mehndi Designs by Henna by Nishi
Henna by Nishi offers a stunning range of white henna services in Dubai. White henna is a beautiful modern twist on traditional henna, perfect for adding a unique touch to any occasion. Whether you’re looking for elegant wedding designs or simple, stylish patterns, our white henna will make your special events even more memorable.
White Henna Services in Dubai
What is White Henna?
What is White Henna?
White henna, also known as white Mehndi, uses a white paste to create intricate designs on top of the skin, offering a striking contrast. Unlike traditional henna, it does not stain the skin and provides a temporary effect lasting several days.
White Henna for Events & Weddings in Dubai

White Henna for Events & Weddings in Dubai

Sophistication and Elegance for Every Occasion

White henna is ideal for brides seeking a unique and elegant wedding touch. Henna by Nishi offers customized white Mehndi designs to complement your bridal attire and theme. Our artists cater to all tastes, creating simple and intricate designs to enhance beauty. Perfect for weddings, parties, and special events, our high-quality white henna art ensures a lasting impression. Enjoy the convenience of our mobile services, bringing stunning white henna designs to your home or event venue.

White Mehndi Designs and Henna Services

Elegant Designs Without the Stain, Perfect Art for Every Occasion

At Henna by Nishi, we specialize in creating exquisite white mehndi designs tailored to your preferences. Our skilled artists can craft anything from simple and elegant patterns to intricate designs. White henna provides a beautiful temporary effect that is safe, easy to remove, and free from long-term commitment.

White Henna Artist Near You in Dubai
White Henna Artist Near You in Dubai
Elegance and Creativity Delivered to Your Doorstep
Are you looking for white Mehndi designs in Dubai? Henna by Nishi offers top-notch white henna services throughout the city. Our professional artists bring creativity and expertise to every design, ensuring the highest quality service. Our mobile henna services bring the elegance of white henna directly to you, allowing you to enjoy beautiful designs in the comfort of your home or event venue.
Book your white henna appointment with Henna by Nishi to experience the elegance of this unique art form. Our skilled artists are dedicated to providing personalized service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Well there is not such a thing like white henna but is a white body paint with an adhesive base decorated with the glitters. White henna looks really beautiful on darker skins. And its non toxic and you are very much safe with this application.

Jagua Henna Service in UAE

Using henna and jagua pastes, I create intricate body art. The freehand art ranges from traditional celebratory designs with henna to temporary tattoos with jagua henna. Jagua Gel is a natural ink made with the extract of the jagua fruit, an edible fruit that grows in rain forests of Central and South America. The jagua fruit is traditionally harvested to be used the preparation for beverages, jams, liqueurs and to eat by itself. It is also believed to have many medicinal properties.

White Henna Service in DUBAI

Using white henna, I create intricate body art. The freehand art ranges from traditional celebratory designs with white henna. White henna is not actually henna,its just a body paint which is safe and used for body art by professionals. It will remain on surface of the skin instead of staining.


What is White Henna?

White henna does NOT contain any actual henna in it. it is an adhesive body paint, which lasts few hours depending which body part you get it. fingers especially, tend to come off much faster than other parts of the body such as the forearm and thigh. Because of this, white henna is good for one day events like weddings, party or photoshoots.

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I am very talented and passionate with the vision to create unique henna designs for your wedding or party.


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I know that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and what you have been dreaming of for many years