Indian or South Asian weddings are quite a grand and elaborate affair stretching up to three or four days. A Henna night is one of the most important pre-wedding festivals for Indians.

This celebration is akin to bridal shower celebrated by Asians. However the theme and the set up are much more traditional and follow a particular style.

A Henna night is usually held the night (or generally two nights) before the wedding, where the young bride is applied Henna on her hands and feet along with her female friends and relatives. The atmosphere is usually very jovial and filled with a mix of traditional as well as modern music.

Here are some time tested tips which can be useful in planning your wedding Henna function rightly.

Find the Right Henna Artist

In order to have a memorable Henna night, it is important that you find a good Henna artist. There is a plethora of Henna artists who work in United States. Choose one carefully by taking references from your Indian friends who have previously hired the services of any Henna artist specializing in Indian as well as Indo-Arabic designs. In case you are unable to get any references from your social circle, you can start your search online with web directories and business listings. Leave the service providers a mail about your requirement. If they respond quickly to your mail, you can be sure of their professionalism. However, it is important to know more about their rates, expertise and experience too, apart from professional client servicing approach.

Plan the Décor and Theme of Your PartyHenna night is not your wedding night. It is just a prelude to your big day, so you can keep things simple. You can invite your friends for this day over the phone or use separate invitation letters. If you are sending out paper invitations, consider decorating them with Henna symbols, Indo-Arabic designs, crystals and beads. As far as the theme of the party is concerned, you can choose any theme but its best to stick to traditional theme. Use traditional Moroccan lamps and Indian handicrafts to decorate the venue and hire a good DJ or dancers who can keep your guests entertained. These days, it is a tradition to have “green dress” as the attire for the occasion.

Talk To Your Artist and Check His Supplies

Every artist has his unique style of work. However it is advisable that you schedule a meeting with your Henna artist. Talk to him about his charges and ask for a free sample of Henna work, to ensure that he is using the right materials. Test him or check the album of his past work for Indian designs and even Indo Arabic designs. Each Henna artist has a special style of working. Different types of henna works differently on your skin, so a skin test is extremely necessary before application. Go through the catalogue and fix any Indo Arabic design you want. Make sure your Henna artist does not have multiple appointments on the day of your function, which would ensure that he gives you his complete attention.

Remember that bridal Henna is a once in a life time affair, do not settle for anything that does not match your expectations.