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There is something so ephemerally beautiful about the art of Henna designs that people from far and wide across different countries and continents have fallen in love with them. From celebrities to the kings and Nawabs, henna has found a special place in hearts of everyone who loves body art.

Applying henna is not an easy job, it requires precision and skill. There are individuals who have mastered this skill of applying henna and most of them provide henna services to families and individuals. A variety of henna designs is available, whether you choose Indian style or from Muslim Arabic designs.

Henna does not dry off immediately after application and requires patience. The waiting time can range from one to six hours depending upon the design. Here are some quick tips which would help you to get the best color from your henna.

Tips To Have a Beautiful Bridal Henna Application Session

  • When you sit down to apply bridal henna, always bear in mind that the entire process could take you several hours, so it is better to come prepared. As a first step wear a light sleeveless cotton dress that would keep you comfortable.  Tie your hair backward into a secure bun so that it does not fly into your face and cause irritation while you have no one to rescue you from this situation.
  • Once you are done with the hair and dress part, look for a comfortable chair or couch where you sit for the occasion. Make sure you choose something that has considerable backrest and cushion to help you stay comfortable during the entire session or henna night function.
  • Get some bottle of water with the straw and two pillows to rest your hand. Once your henna services provider starts applying henna, you can no longer touch a glass or bottle. Keeping a straw bottle would help you to keep your body hydrated.
  • Before applying henna do not use any cream or moisturizer. The moisturizer tends to act as a barrier between the skin and the henna and prevents the colors to seep in.
  • If you are looking to do a manicure or pedicure, do it a day before the day scheduled for henna application. Do not attempt any such thing after the henna is applied.  You would definitely not want the colors to get washed away with all the soap and water.
  • Remember that not all brides or relatives prefer Muslim Arabic designs. The choice of design needs to be done keeping in mind which design can have better photography. There are a lot of Indo-Arabic designs, Muslim Arabic designs and even Indian henna designs that are best suited for brides. You can ask your henna artist to brief you based on their experience and let you make a free choice.
  • If you want the color of your henna to be very dark, just  apply a balm over your henna or roll your hands over roasted cloves to get the desired effect

There are many operators in the United States who offer henna services in various cities. Each one of them has different rates that vary upon whether the henna is Indian or Muslim Arabic design, time taken by the selected design, intricacy of the design etc. Schedule an appointment and talk to the henna artist about your requirements and preference before hiring their services.