Indian bride


Henna functions have become somewhat of a norm in Indian weddings, but what it actually is centered on is the application of the Henna on the bride-to-be. All brides expect the applied Henna to be at its darkest best in terms of color on their wedding day.

But the Henna application can be a very time-consuming process, and to make it a smooth and simple experience, we’ve got the following tips for you!

Peaceful Setting

Make sure that you have your Henna applied in a peaceful setting and, at least, two days prior to the day of the wedding. Two days are enough for the Henna to settle down, which ensures that it looks at its optimum on the wedding day. The peaceful setting is to ensure that it does not coincide with the festivities during the Henna function as well. The last thing that the bride wants to do is sit in a chair for hours while everybody else has fun.


Be very clear with the Henna artist in terms of which patterns you want. Nowadays, Muslim Arabic Designs are very popular. The standard rate for bridal Henna is generally between $100 and $400. But it all depends on how complicated the designs and patterns are. Make sure that the negotiations are done well in advance.

Seating Arrangement

Remember to choose a comfortable seating arrangement during the Henna application session. As mentioned before, the bride-to-be has to sit still for almost 6 hours (sometimes more in the case of complex patterns such as Muslim Arabic Designs)and in such a situation, comfort is most important. An arrangement with high backrest is recommended.

Keep a Day Reserved

Even though a lot of ladies opt for a tight schedule with the Henna application and a function scheduled on the same day, it is recommended to separate it from any other event. The application process itself very time consuming, and it might be taxing on both the body and the mind to combine Henna application with anything else.

Get Your Manicures and Pedicures Done

Once the Henna is applied, it is told to avoid water as much as possible as it can ruin the Muslim Arabic Designs and stop it from achieving the desired color on the wedding day. For this reason, it is recommended to get manicures and pedicures done before the Henna is applied.

Enhancing Darkness

Once the Henna starts drying, it is recommended to use a cotton wool to dab it. The cotton wool must be dipped in a lemon juice and sugar mixture. This is generally done by the Henna artists.

Have all necessary items prepared beforehand, as this can avoid any confusion during the Henna application. Here’s to you having a successful Henna application and function, along with a splendid wedding!